Feminine Energy // Supportive Tonic
Feminine Energy // Supportive Tonic

Feminine Energy // Supportive Tonic

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Hormone balancing, replenishing herbal tonic blend. Extracted by us.

With an affinity for the reproductive organs of the female body, Shatavari is known as the ‘Queen of Herbs’, promoting love, devotion and vitality. Balancing the monthly moon cycle and associated hormones during all stages of a woman’s life. This Feminine Energy Tonic holds a nurturing energy that resonates with the divine feminine, supporting emotional healing and spiritual growth. This tonic aims to assist in purifying and balancing the energy centers, enhancing intuition and connection to higher realms. Feminine Energy aids in awakening consciousness, fostering self-love, and unlocking the alchemical potential within. Embrace the beauty and pleasure of femininity.

All Ingredients Certified Organic at a minimum, consciously farmed, grown & foraged.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Rhodiola Root (Rhodiola rosea), *Rose infused local honey, *Cane Spirit, Filtered Spring Water.

*Certified Organic


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·  Commonly translated as "who possesses a hundred husbands or acceptable to many", noting It’s affinity with fertility and vitality 1,2

·  In Ayurveda, Shatavari is noted to promote learning and memory, as well as longevity and immunity against stress 1,3

·  Studies highlight female hormone and sexual organ support in all stages of life, including pre and post-partum 1,2,3,4

·  Said to support regular monthly cycles and relieve menstruation pain and menopausal symptoms 1,2,4

·  Noted as a powerful adaptogen and antioxidant in Ayurveda, supporting immunity, vitality and endurance 2,3,4

·  Tonic extracts are noted to hold antifungal benefits to support gut health 2,4

Rhodiola Root

·  Relieves fatigue, depression and behaviour stress, physically and emotionally 5

·  Studies note longevity, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and immune support 5, 7

·  Known as an adaptogen, which holds antioxidant and anti stress properties. Supporting physiological functioning and endurance 5, 7

·  Rhodila extract is noted to enhance the body’s resistance to general stresses, anti aging and anti-cancer  5, 7

·  A traditional folk medicine for physical endurance, longevity, fatigue, infections and depression 6