Ceremonial Cacao Pure
Ceremonial Cacao Pure
Ceremonial Cacao Pure
Ceremonial Cacao Pure

Ceremonial Cacao Pure

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 PRE-ORDER - Arriving Late June 2023

Produced with love by Casa Qoya Chazuta Perú

Our Cacao is planted, harvested, fermented, dried and milled using delicate methods with love by Family Casa Qoya Peru.

By supporting us you are supporting the organic production of Cacao in Amazonas and the conscience of respect for the earth, 100% ethical and sustainable.

Our high quality organic Cacao keeps all its magical and healing properties inside, it is direct from bean to the Cacao paste.

We are a small enterprise working to bring you the best and high quality Cacao.

Chazuta is a a small town in Northern Peru at the edge of the Amazon Basin Peru and nestled in the foot hills of the Andes

Our cacao has fruity notes, it has the power of the jungle inside!  


Only 100% Pure Organic Cacao (Theobroma cacao)

Product of Peru
Vegan • Lactose Free • Sugar Free • Soy Free • Gmo Free • Preservative Free

Color and pattern variation is natural for pure cacao. 
Each package of Cacao has different tones, because it is totally Organic and unique.
Smooth white areas are the natural crystals and cacao butter. Keep your beloved Cacao in a cool, dry, dark place. Refrigeration is not required.