Violet Elixir
Violet Elixir

Violet Elixir

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The sweet Viola Odorata

 For 6 weeks, we have been foraging and listening to the beautiful song of the violet flowers

On Moon-day (Monday) we harnessed the gentle feminine energy and bottled our Violet Elixir. Sealing her magic in ultraviolet Miron for preservation 🌸

Violet is sweetly aromatic and when she wishes to be seen, you cannot walk past without noticing her face following the sun. A true Aphrodite embodiment, only flowing in early spring time to let us know it's time to get moving. 

She is known to encourage lymph flow, cooling inflammation, reducing cystic activity and calming our entire being. 

Her flavour brings so much joy to all that experience Violet, begging us to be mindful, relax and move with grace. 

10-20 drops as desired

Flowers and a dash of leaf were used in the production of this Violet Elixir