True Organic Cinnamon

True Organic Cinnamon

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120g Certified organic cinnamon (Zeylanicum)

Packaged in a re-usable amber glass jar 

Cinnamon is known to have anti-inflammatory properties

May reduce blood pressue

May reduce insulin resistance


There is a difference between "real" cinnamon and "fake" cinnamon. Cinnamon you purchase in the supermarkets is Cassia Cinnamon and is considered "fake". Cassia cinnamon does not hold the nutritional content that Ceylonn "real" cinnamon does. Intake if consumed on a daily basis cassia cinnamon can be taxing on your liver. 

Ceylon Cinnamon (Zylanicum) is the plant medicine, with a wide range of medicinal and nutritional uses. When adding cinnamon to your beautiful cacao, please make sure it is Zeylanicum/Ceylon Cinnamon for true health benefits.