Activated Black Maca - 200g Organic

Activated Black Maca - 200g Organic

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Black Maca - Activated/Gelatinised 

Packaged in a re-usable glass amber jar. 

Our black maca is sourced from the farms in Junin, Peru. This maca powder is not raw, rather it is pressure heated to help the body absorb the benefits more. The starches found in raw maca can be taxing on the liver and make it harder for the body to digest.

To activate the maca the maca is pressure heated. Maca is similar to a potato and should be heated to help remove the starch and bacteria before consuming. The heating and removal of starches also help the minerals become more bio-available. 

Black Maca in Peru is used for medicinal purposes with Black Maca being a more masculine energy. 

Benefit of Black Maca can include:

Fighting fatigue

Male fertility and libido

Can trigger your body to produce more glucose naturally to help increase metabolism

Can increase endurance

Help with mental wellness 

Can help decrease blood pressure


How to consume? 

Add 1 tsp daily to your cacao, in a maca latte/tea, in your smoothies or just in water.