One of my go to things to do when I really need to relax (realising now I may be suffering from adrenal fatigue) is to have a bath.

During the times that have been cold and you just want to warm your bones, I just love a really hot bath.

I am intuitive and sometimes your guides give you weird messages of things that you can do to help yourself. This was one of those times. They told me to find my essential oils, the ones that relax me and feel like I am at a day spa but THEN they told me to put my precious cacao in the bath.

When I bought my first block of Morning Ritual Cacao I had not yet made myself a beautiful cup of hot cacao. Before I had used powdered Cacao and Cacao Nibs so this was new to me.

This may make me sound silly but I didn’t know that this luxurious cacao melted. I don’t know why I didn’t know this but it made my life... seriously. To have a natural form of chocolate that melted and I knew it was so good for my body, mind and soul.

Anyway back to the bath, I put a few chunks of my precious cacao in the bath thinking that I may be wasting a few cups of my source of healthy hot chocolate.

The smell of lavender and chocolate in the bath was divine. The only thing missing was the rose petals.

I got in and relaxed. With the melted cacao chunks that were sitting in the bottom of the bath (may have looked a little unsavoury) I was guided to rub some of the cacao into my skin.

It was so lovely. It moisturised my skin and made it smell amazing. I smelt like chocolate. Winning! I know that cacao has magnesium in it which is so relaxing for your body. At that moment when i truly relaxed I realised how on edge my body had been feeling. 

It felt so fun and my inner child loved the fact that I was having a chocolate bath. I really didn’t want to get out of the bath. It was so nice.

I couldn’t wait to find out more about the amazing benefits of cacao and why I had been led to putting it in the bath with me.

Here’s what I found out.

- It is packed with antioxidants, iron + magnesium - this helped me to relax and slow my body down

- The antioxidants and polyphenols mean that is anti-inflammatory - this is great for me as I have hashimotos

- It may lower the risk of stroke or heart disease - also great as there is a history of this in my family

- It improves mental performance and have already felt the benefits of this by having the cacao before my meditation practice

- It may improve asthma. I had been suffering from asthma this winter so this was timely.

- The antibacterial properties can help with skin, no wonder I was guided to rub it on my skin

They are the main benefits I took from it knowing these are the reasons why I needed the cacao

in my bath and in my life. You can find the article I sourced the benefits from ​here​.

Not only that being intuitive and feeling the different types of energy from each block of cacao amazed me. The first block I got was very grounding and was quite masculine and the other block I got was very feminine and felt light and fun.

I know that this energy is embodied when I drink it and helps me shape my morning ritual practice and what I need from my day.

I use the masculine cacao with the full moon to ground me but also be present in what it is that I want to release from the month just passed.Then I use the feminine cacao for my new moon ritual to help me surrender and flow with the faith that my new intentions will materialise in the physical.

The cacao is such a beautiful addition to my morning ritual and love that it is a product of mother nature. She is so amazing.



This Blog was written by the beautiful Michelle from Butterfly Heart Spiritual Healing 

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